We are pleased to announce our 2017 Summer Choral Workshops with artistic director Sven Edward OlbashThese educational sessions offer an introduction to ensemble singing and are a great way for potential new Chorale members to prepare for fall auditions. Mondays, 7–9 pm at 2325 Union Street in San Francisco (enter Steiner Street "Pixley House").

Solfège Bootcamp is a crash course in the fundamentals of music reading. If you can memorize the seven colors of the rainbow, you can learn the seven notes of the scale: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, and Ti. Learn about the origin of solfège in medieval music theory and its practical applications in the modern choral repertoire. This system of naming the notes will help you sing with more confidence and greater understanding. Monday, June 5. Two-hour session: $20.

Choral Music Reading Sessions will give you the opportunity to practice your music reading and ear training skills while singing through great works of choral literature. Learn to identify the particular musical challenges in a given work and how to decide which reading techniques will be most appropriate. Mondays, June 19–July 3. Three week session: $50 (drop-in, $20).

Our five-week Voice Class is for beginning and intermediate singers and will cover the foundations of vocal technique, how to learn a new solo song, and how to practice singing at home. In each class, singers will have the opportunity to perform for their classmates and to receive feedback from artistic director Sven Edward Olbash. Mondays, July 24–August 21. Five week session: $85 (drop-in, $20).