Whether you're a seasoned choral singer or a total beginner, an avid concert-goer or a first-time audience member—Lacuna Arts has something for you.


This a cappella chorus of 24–32 balanced voices is divided into two SATB choirs to tackle some of the more demanding 8-part choral literature.

Past repertoire has included Rheinberger's Mass in E-flat, Parry's Songs of Farewell, The Peaceable Kingdom by Randall Thompson, and double choir motets by Gabrieli, Telemann, and J.S. Bach.



For those wanting to learn more about reading music or singing technique, we now offer individual instruction with Sven Edward Olbash.

Taking lessons in singing or musicianship is the best way to take your performance skills to the next level.



Our summer Workshop series is a great way to keep your sight singing skills sharp, prepare for fall auditions, and explore new repertoire with like-minded singers of all levels.

No audition required.

At Lacuna Arts, we feel that maintaining balanced voice parts is essential to quality choral singing. Placement into one of our performing groups is by audition only. Open auditions for new members are held in late August/early September and in January. Auditions at other times are by appointment only and on a space available basis. Rehearsals are Monday evenings in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. See the Rehearsal Schedule for dates, times, and locations of rehearsals and concerts.

Now offering individual instruction in musicianship and singing technique with artistic director Sven Edward Olbash

Lesson times are currently available at various venues in San Francisco. If there is sufficient interest, we may add one day per week in the East Bay as well. To set up an initial consultation or to arrange a regular lesson time, please email us.

What is musicianship?

The term "musicianship" is used to describe the set of skills that a performer requires in order to improvise music or to execute musical compositions. These skills can be broken down into categories such as ear training, sight singing, and harmony (music theory).

Why study musicianship? Isn't attending choral rehearsals or voice lessons enough?

There are basically only two ways to perform vocal and choral music well: read it or memorize it. Memorizing takes a long time and is impractical for many substantial works of music. Learning to read music with confidence (instead of just guessing at notes) helps you to sing more challenging and rewarding music, perform at a higher level, stay in tune better, and in general have a more enjoyable singing experience. Voice lessons are primarily concerned with singing technique and repertoire and often do not address important musicianship issues. And choral rehearsals do not provide the kind of individual feedback that is critical for developing your musicianship skills.

What sort of things will be covered in lessons?

A personalized course of study will be developed based on your particular needs and goals. This may include any combination of rhythmic training, solfège and sight singing, interval and chord recognition, piano for singers, and keyboard harmony. Some students may also wish to devote part of their lesson time to aspects of vocal technique including breathing and breath management, range expansion, resonance balancing, and diction.

Who should take lessons?

Whether you are brand new to singing and need to learn the basics or you are an experienced singer looking to take your performing to the next level, you will benefit from individual instruction in musicianship. There is always more to be learned, always a new challenge to tackle.

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

The first thing you should do is email us to set up an initial consultation or to arrange a regular lesson time. Individual instruction is currently $85 per hour or $45 for a half-hour, payable by check to Lacuna Arts or by secure debit or credit card transaction through Stripe. You may bring music you are currently working on or would like to learn, and Sven may recommend additional resources to use in your lessons or for home practice.


We are pleased to announce our 2017 Summer Choral Workshops with artistic director Sven Edward OlbashThese educational sessions offer an introduction to ensemble singing and are a great way for potential new Chorale members to prepare for fall auditions. Mondays, 7–9 pm at 2325 Union Street in San Francisco (enter Steiner Street "Pixley House").

Solfège Bootcamp is a crash course in the fundamentals of music reading. If you can memorize the seven colors of the rainbow, you can learn the seven notes of the scale: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, and Ti. Learn about the origin of solfège in medieval music theory and its practical applications in the modern choral repertoire. This system of naming the notes will help you sing with more confidence and greater understanding. Monday, June 5. Two-hour session: $20.

Choral Music Reading Sessions will give you the opportunity to practice your music reading and ear training skills while singing through great works of choral literature. Learn to identify the particular musical challenges in a given work and how to decide which reading techniques will be most appropriate. Mondays, June 19–July 3. Three week session: $50 (drop-in, $20).

Our five-week Voice Class is for beginning and intermediate singers and will cover the foundations of vocal technique, how to learn a new solo song, and how to practice singing at home. In each class, singers will have the opportunity to perform for their classmates and to receive feedback from artistic director Sven Edward Olbash. Mondays, July 24–August 21. Five week session: $85 (drop-in, $20).